Special Olympics

It’s official, Southern California Special Olympics is back, and we will be needing communications volunteers. When I got started on this event, I volunteered because Henry WA6RJA was asking for help. We were out there at 5:00am (we are not that early this time) so I was drowsy. I was the new guy so I was at a position that didn’t have much activity and I was leaning against a post waiting for something to happen. Someone poked me in the back and startled me, when I spun around it was one of the athletes. She had her gold medal, an ear to ear grin and was showing it to everyone whether she knew them or not. I was hooked from that point on. This even is very important to them and I enjoy being a part of making it happen.

The dates are June 10-11. Time 8:00am to 4:00pm at Cal State Long Beach. Our trailer will be in the parking lot west of the pyramid and Miriam Way. Operating frequency will be 146.235+ 100 ctcss. In addition to being a worthwhile community service, it is also good training for emergency operations. We also have radios that can be used by non licensed people.

We need enough people to cover the venues, provide relief and adapt to situations.

Venues will be:
Track and Field
Games HQ
Honored Guest
Family tent
Net Control

Some contacts disappeared for unknown reasons, if you did not get a confirmation please contact me again. If you can help out please let us know