Is amateur radio still relevant?

This question gets asked a lot anymore. People present new technology and internet as reasons that ham radio would no longer be useful.”Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed”. People can communicate world wide, except for the countries that filter traffic. With modern phones, communications are always there, except when it doesn’t work. Modern communications technology has it’s uses, but the reality is that it requires a massive infrastructure and thousands of people to make it work. It is also designed around commercial viability. The grid is constructed to supply typical usage, but peaks caused by an unusual event can over load it. This is something I have seen happen on small earthquakes, fires, and even sporting events. Protocols are in place to try and limit human error, but it still happens. There was a day that a software update took out the entire Verizon system in Los Angeles, which resulted in trouble with all the other providers as the load shifted to their systems.

For many people, much of the time, an interruption of service is an inconvenience. In an emergency, it may mean not being able to get help. To someone with a medical condition it can be life threatening.

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