A spam problem

From KE6TNM Sorry, but comments have been restricted to members and the contact form has been taken offline. Someone has been sending Russian and Porn spam, even though it does not post public, and I don’t speak Russian. If you need to contact me, us my callsign at this domain. When I get a chance I will put in some contact methods that screen out the Adam Henrys.

Special Olympics Summer Games June 8 and 9

Special Olympics Summer Games June 8 and 9

We will again be doing communications at the Special Olympics Summer Games. The types of traffic range from routine supply and information requests to emergency or medical requests. This is good practice for handling tactical messages, a service to the community, and visibility for Amateur Radio. We have been short on volunteers the last few times, so you are needed. Please contact us if you can help.

Torrance Santa Float

We do this with the Torrance Police Officer’s Association. My children Thomas Lidikay KG6HCN, and Jennifer Lidikay KJ6HRW and I have been driving the scout cars long enough that we usually have it under control, but we do like to have company if anyone wants to ride along with us, or occasionally we need relief drivers. We play Christmas songs and play announcements, still in the voice of the club founder, Henry WA6RJA, who was the original “Santa One”

We depart from the Torrance Police station at 4:30pm most nights. Routes 1, 8, and 22 are an hour earlier.